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Twelve Aerospace & Aviation Art pieces. Part 1

I haven't been absent from this blog for no reason, but rather have just been very busy working on several large commissions as well as a few pieces of personal art.

I'll start by sharing the largest commission that I just finished, which is one that involved twelve large aviation and aerospace artworks.

These were all digital art pieces that are 48" x 36" in size, both vertical and horizontal layouts.

This commission lasted about six months!! it was fun! but also kept me very busy from blogging regularly.

The cool thing about this particular project is that these are all open-ended prints that I'm able to make available to everyone!

Here are six of the twelve pieces I finished over these six months. These prints are available for purchase and can be customized as smaller prints with lots of options for framing and matting.

Artemis to the Moon (Digital) 36" x 48"

to be continued...

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