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Painting Grizzly Falls - Foliage and Rocks

In the previous phase, I blocked in the basic structure of the painting.

In this phase, I began to get a bit more into the structures of the foliage at the top right of the painting and work on the structure of the waterfall.

I also started to detail the wet rock just to the left and behind the waterfall and other places where the water meets rock.

I turn to gray/purple/blue tones when I'm painting the wet rock so that they reflect parts of the sky. Where rock is dry, I use tan and brown tones, such as the area that will be behind the trees, to the right of the waterfall (from viewer perspective).

I also start to paint trees and other foliage with green/yellow mixtures.

Developing trees and foliage to the right of the painting.

I continue down the right side of the painting, working on the steep rock cliff side that comes down to the viewer. I am always using paint strokes that follow the curves, banks and angles of the rocks. This gives the painting a realistic 3D effect.

Closeup of right side of the painting in progress.

I then return to the left side of the painting working down the cliff face. I'm working from top to bottom.

I am continually moving about the painting, refining strokes. Here I am working on the forested area up on top of the cliff, adding small dapples of light that is falling through the trees.

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