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Exciting News - Big Updates!

Exciting news! I've been saving up for better video production gear in order to record my processes in creating my art, be it pencil drawings or paintings. In the past, I've had to rely on a clunky system of using an old DSLR with a limited resolution and recording time (under 28 min max, then reset) and this was really slowing me down and interrupting my process of painting or drawing. Sometimes I would fail to turn back on the camera after having to manually reset, position and refocus. This just made it miserable to record anything for a significant length of time. Professionally speaking, I work as a video production specialist, but I cannot afford the type of gear that I use in my professional work for my personal work. So, instead I've been researching for methods and gear that are significantly cheaper that I can record video demonstrations and even upcoming lessons on my artistic processes. Stay tuned, very excited about this upgrade!

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