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Drawing Waves - A Pencil Study & Art Supplies

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

In the time-lapse video below, I show a my work on the pencil drawing study of the waves for my painting. This is only meant as a study of structure and not as the final output of what I'll be painting.

In the video, you will see me using a number of tools such as an electric eraser, fine tip erasers, kneadable erasers, blending stumps and tortillions.

The electric eraser I use is a Sakura Electric Eraser. I bought mine a number of years ago and they have since changed it, but you can find the brand on Amazon and Jerry's Artarama. The blending stumps, tortillions, kneadable erasers and pencils can also be found at both places online or at your local art supply store.

Here is my tools of the trade for a typical drawing.

In the above photo you'll see the following (click on each item for a link to them on Amazon): 1) Kneadable eraser (grey); 2) Polymer eraser (white); 3) X-Acto Knife (for shaping pencils); 4) Palomino Blackwing; 5) Derwent Pencils ; 6) Blending Stumps (large) & Tortillions; 7) Sakura Electric Eraser & extra eraser refills; and 8) sandpaper. I draw on an assortment of paper, but I really enjoy drawing on Canson and Strathmore smooth Bristol Smooth Paper , in particular I really enjoy drawing on Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper

I hope to help other budding artists too, thus why I like to share what supplies I use!


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