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Developing the Waves, Part 2

This weekend I am continuing the process of refining the waves and developing their structure and color. The waves and the surf are probably the most time I'll spend on this painting because they demand more detail than the rest of the painting, so this is expected. I was painting all day yesterday, Saturday - November 21. I let these layers dry and then I'll begin working on them today, Sunday. This is what I love about these W&N Griffin Alkyd fast drying oils. They aren't so fast drying that I can't work with them for a few hours, however they don't take forever to dry so that I can go ahead and start glazing and work on building up new layers. I like to work in a little impasto effect for parts of the wave structure. I enjoy the 3D effect of variations of paint thickness, standing out to catch the light as well as produce shadows.

click on the images below to see the work-in-progress of this painting.

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