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USS BAILEY (DD-492) - PART 3 - Detailing

After blocking-in and modeling the structures of the ship and ocean, I began work on the detailing phase of this painting. The detail phase is the longest part of painting a subject like this. I worked from the bow of the ship to the stern.

Starting from the bow, I begin to detail the upper parts of the hull as well as the wake around the ship. Later, I modify the wake area.

I then start working on detailing the hull, turrets, deck and bridge as well as the battery director and radar.

Continuing aft, I start detailing the mast, deck house, funnels, torpedo tubes between the funnels, moving my way toward the stern.

I then continue detailing the aft deck house and rear battery turrets and the depth charge racks.

I then move to detail the foreground water, giving more depth to the scene by darkening the water closest to the viewer.

In addition, I detail the rigging and also start to add some crew members

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