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Art Supplies Continued...

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

While I'm working on this large oil painting, I'd thought I'd list the specific supplies that I am using for this piece.

Paints: I have fallen in love with Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paints. I used to work in acrylics and watercolors quite a bit so I'm used to fast drying paint, but I was not really satisfied with my layers drying too fast. I switched to Geneva Oil Paints which I still love, but only with certain subjects, as the paints, I feel dry much slower. I've come to settle on a middle road with these W&N Alkyd paints, and I can always add a bit of medium to adjust drying time and consistency as needed.

Medium: I use Winsor & Newton Liquin Original and Winsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail for my mediums to adjust consistency and drying times of my oils.

Thinner: I use Weber Odorless Turpenoid for my general cleanup and cleaning of my brushes and paint supplies.

Brushes: I use an assortment of brushes, usually long handle brushes which include filberts, flats, rounds and brights.

Palette: I use a glass palette that has a neutral color backing. It allows me the freedom to place pigment on it anywhere I want and it is fairly easy to clean and reuse. The specific palette I use is from Geneva Fine Art Supplies.

Palette Knives: I do use an assortment of palette knives, you can pick these up at any art supply store or get them online.

Brush Cleaner and Preserver: This stuff is magical! I love it and highly recommend it! Its some of the best stuff to really clean, restore and preserve your brushes.

Brush Holder: You can find so many ways to hold your brushes and there's so many solutions. My wife hand sculpted an awesome brush holder for me, and this is what I use.

Substrate (canvas): There's so many to choose from ranging from the more expensive Belgian linen to the cheaper cotton canvas or to wood panels, it is really up to you and the quality, style and detail you want to achieve as to which direction you want to go. I highly recommend looking at your local art store or you can check these online. I've painted on many surfaces. Currently, I'm working on a large 48" x 36" acrylic panel that I've prepped for painting (more about that in another post) and that has a frame for hanging on the back of it for my ocean painting.

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