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AH-64 Longbow Work-In-Progress - Part 1

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

A bit of a side project, just a personal one. This is in-between some large commissioned works when the oil layers are drying. I'm usually busy drawing or painting something. My personal goal is to produce drawings of a wide array of military vehicles to be done in pencil or even digital pencil form, like this one of the AH-64 Longbow. I don't have the overhead storage to create a lot of prints. Same with originals, hence why I produce art digitally. I'm slowly producing this with pencils in Escape Motions, Rebelle 4 software. This is my first use of this software, which I've grown to really enjoy! These drawings won't be quick, and are done only when I'm free'd up while waiting for other art to dry.

Creating the basic shapes of the helicopter, based on the shapes from my model. My model is a 1:48 scale AH-64 Apache and there are several notable differences between my model and the subject I am drawing which is a Longbow. One being, the cockpit windows are open and I will have those closed on my drawing, and the other is that my model lacks the Fire Control Radar (FCR) dome that's on the AH-64D Longbow gunships.

Using various photographic references from walkarounds and schematics, I begin to sketch the outlines of the details.

Adding specific details to shapes

Now, I'm beginning on the shading on the TADS (Target Acquisition Designation System) Turret. I'll work right to left on this drawing.

Continued work on the TADS, finishing that system and now moving on the cockpit.

Work-in-Progress as of 12/04/2021.

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