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A Short Recess

I'm taking a short recess from my painting of "Grizzly Falls" and filling in the gaps with a few drawings. The reason for this is that I've been called on to teach a student how to draw. I'm doing this for free and so I wanted to dust off some old curriculum I had created years ago as well as purchase some new curriculum to aid me in my teaching.

Drawing from Line to Life by Mike Sibley

Currently, this is one-on-one personal free tutoring, and I am incorporating training from an excellent artist, Mike Sibley along with my own. If you want to learn more in depth, see his wonderful training here:

I find his techniques are very close to my own, and he trains aspiring students as well as other artists around the world as they teach their own students. I would love to teach to a larger audience, however with the pandemic I may instead just turn to lessons and demonstrations online to reach out to a larger audience remotely.

During my early years, I was very honored during my high school days when I was elected by my art teacher in a student-teacher-swap day to teach my fellow students how to draw.

Ever since then, I caught the bug to teach art but just hadn't had the monetary means to start doing so. So, instead, I've held free small group classes in my home teaching homeschoolers in past years. For those students wanting to advance past the basics and really get into learning fine-tuned techniques, I've engaged in one-to-one tutoring. In fact, my first experience on tutoring individuals was my college internship tutoring orphan children how to draw in the 1990s, so it's been a passion for me to train those aspiring artists how to draw and even paint.

I developed my own curriculum a number of years ago, and I still have those lessons, but I've been out of tutoring for a long while, and now having found a kindred artist who shares my passion for realism, I'm using his training to teach others. I really enjoy it, and it's a long dream I've had to teach others.

I find drawing and painting incredibly relaxing, challenging yes, but amazingly rewarding. If there were a way I could do it more, I'd do so! I'm just happy to be able to help aspiring young artists! I was one and I'm still at it! :)

In the meantime, to gear up for tutoring others, I'm working on two 11" x 14" drawings - that of a hummingbird and then an aviation piece, a KC-135A Stratotanker. The hummingbird will be turned into a lesson for my student. The Stratotanker piece is for myself as I used to crew these types of jets in the USAF and I need to produce more aviation pieces.

I'll continue to post my progress on these two drawings and return to "Grizzly Falls" as soon as I can.

KC-135A 58-0128

Hummingbird Drawing - work in progress

I'll be producing a time-lapse video of me drawing of the hummingbird, both in real time and sped up style. So, stay tuned for that.

As an example of a time-lapse video of one of my drawings, please see my pencil study on waves here:

As well as a time-lapse of my drawing of an owl

Happy Drawing!!

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