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Art Supplies Continued...

While I'm working on this large oil painting, I'd thought I'd list the specific supplies that I am using for this piece. Paints: I have fallen in love with Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paints. I used to work in acrylics and watercolors quite a bit so I'm used to fast drying paint, but I was not really satisfied with my layers drying too fast. I switched to Geneva Oil Paints which I still love, but only with certain subjects, as the paints, I feel dry much slo

Drawing Waves - A Pencil Study & Art Supplies

In the time-lapse video below, I show a my work on the pencil drawing study of the waves for my painting. This is only meant as a study of structure and not as the final output of what I'll be painting. In the video, you will see me using a number of tools such as an electric eraser, fine tip erasers, kneadable erasers, blending stumps and tortillions. The electric eraser I use is a Sakura Electric Eraser. I bought mine a number of years ago and they have since changed it, bu