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Thanks for visiting. If you'd like to know more about me, click ABOUT in the links above. You can see examples of my artwork in the GALLERY, and even check out my online STORE. This page is my BLOG, where I share about the newest things I'm working on. At the bottom of the page you can SUBSCRIBE to receive occasional emails about new projects... I'll never share your info with any other company or person, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram too!

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Painting Blue Orchids with Watercolors

I decided to show my progress on a watercolor painting. Sometimes, I can get so overwhelmed and run into a huge mental block with a particular subject and/or medium. For me, it helps to completely jump ship and engage in an entirely different and new artistic challenge that's not in the least similar to my previous works. I call it "detoxing." For me, it helps my mind think in completely different ways. It's not that I don't enjoy oil painting, aviation and aerospace art,

USS Bailey (DD-492) Prints Available

The original oil painting of USS Bailey has now been completed and is off to the recipient. Customizable prints of this piece are now available at my shop at: You can customize the print as a canvas framed or rolled print; as a print on archival paper, rolled or framed; on poster paper; or on metal, acrylic or wood. #NavalArt #MaritimeArt #NauticalArt #Navy #Warship #WW2 #WWII #WorldWarTwo #Destroyer #

Ocean Painting Completion!

I've completed the large ocean painting. This is a 48" x 36" oil on panel painting that is for my wife for Christmas. After many months of on-and-off work on it in the evenings and weekends, I am laying my brushes down. This large painting will be the centerpiece for our ocean themed bedroom and a tentative title for now is "Afternoon at the Beach." Click on the images below to for a larger view of this piece. Video I hope you enjoyed the demonstration of this painting. comin

Developing the Waves, Part 2

This weekend I am continuing the process of refining the waves and developing their structure and color. The waves and the surf are probably the most time I'll spend on this painting because they demand more detail than the rest of the painting, so this is expected. I was painting all day yesterday, Saturday - November 21. I let these layers dry and then I'll begin working on them today, Sunday. This is what I love about these W&N Griffin Alkyd fast drying oils. They aren't s

Painting Sky and Clouds

Fast forward from February when I was starting to work on this large painting, I wanted to share my work on the clouds. I didn't record all the progress the entire way, but rather, I just photographed my process at a few points and recorded a tiny portion of my work at creating the sky and then in another video, putting some light onto some of the clouds (videos below). Before I really attempted my hand at the large painting, I first produced a small oil study of some cloud

Ocean Painting - Prepping the Surface for Paint

This large 48" x 36" acrylic panel needed to be prepped for painting, The substrate was in an original state where the paint would not be able to adhere to it's surface. So, the first thing I did was sand the entire surface and then applied several layers of gesso, then I sanded the entire surface by hand in different directions so as to create a weave type of pattern that the oil paint can adhere to. This process took about 4 hours in total, but I was pretty satisfied with t

Art Supplies Continued...

While I'm working on this large oil painting, I'd thought I'd list the specific supplies that I am using for this piece. Paints: I have fallen in love with Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paints. I used to work in acrylics and watercolors quite a bit so I'm used to fast drying paint, but I was not really satisfied with my layers drying too fast. I switched to Geneva Oil Paints which I still love, but only with certain subjects, as the paints, I feel dry much slo

Painting the Ocean - Beginnings

For the longest time, a blank canvas or a blank piece of art paper would intimidate me. However, I've learned to embrace it and not be worried about what I would paint or draw, but rather flip that thought and instead, imagine or rather visualize the vast possibilities of what I could paint or draw. For this piece, the ocean, being influenced so much by living near the ocean for a good chunk of my life, my mind wasn't blank for what I could do, but rather what I'd like to e

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