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Thanks for visiting. If you'd like to know more about me, click ABOUT in the links above. You can see examples of my artwork in the GALLERY, and even check out my online STORE. This page is my BLOG, where I share about the newest things I'm working on. At the bottom of the page you can SUBSCRIBE to receive occasional emails about new projects... I'll never share your info with any other company or person, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram too!

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Hummingbird Drawing Finished

The Hummingbird drawing is finished. This drawing took about five hours to complete. Condensed in this video to about five minutes. Enjoy! #drawing #pencildrawing #birds #wildlife

Painting Grizzly Falls - Block-In, Part 1

In the next blog posts, I'm going to be discussing my next work. My next painting is going to be a vertical landscape painting of Grizzly Falls, located in beautiful Kings Canyon National Park, near Sequoia National Forest, California. The 80 ft. tall waterfall isn't the largest, or tallest waterfall to see, but I really liked the rustic location set amid tall pines in Kings Canyon. Our family would often drive to Sequoia and Kings Canyon when we lived in California for 15 ye

Drawing Waves - A Pencil Study & Art Supplies

In the time-lapse video below, I show a my work on the pencil drawing study of the waves for my painting. This is only meant as a study of structure and not as the final output of what I'll be painting. In the video, you will see me using a number of tools such as an electric eraser, fine tip erasers, kneadable erasers, blending stumps and tortillions. The electric eraser I use is a Sakura Electric Eraser. I bought mine a number of years ago and they have since changed it, bu

Painting the Ocean - Beginnings

For the longest time, a blank canvas or a blank piece of art paper would intimidate me. However, I've learned to embrace it and not be worried about what I would paint or draw, but rather flip that thought and instead, imagine or rather visualize the vast possibilities of what I could paint or draw. For this piece, the ocean, being influenced so much by living near the ocean for a good chunk of my life, my mind wasn't blank for what I could do, but rather what I'd like to e

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