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USS Bailey (DD-492) Prints Available

The original oil painting of USS Bailey has now been completed and is off to the recipient. Customizable prints of this piece are now available at my shop at: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/uss-bailey-dd-492-dale-jackson.html You can customize the print as a canvas framed or rolled print; as a print on archival paper, rolled or framed; on poster paper; or on metal, acrylic or wood. #NavalArt #MaritimeArt #NauticalArt #Navy #Warship #WW2 #WWII #WorldWarTwo #Destroyer #

USS BAILEY (DD-492) - PART 4 - Completion!

I've completed the painting of USS Bailey (DD-492). This destroyer participated in the Battle of the Komandorski Islands on 26 March 1943. For this action, she was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation. Bailey earned 9 battle stars during the war. For more information, see: http://www.navsource.org/archives/05/492.htm (click on imagery below for larger views) #warship #Navy #WW2 #WWII #Naval #Destroyer #USSBailey #DD492 #Maritimeart #Nauticalart #NavalArt #oilpainting #canvas #o

USS BAILEY (DD-492) - PART 3 - Detailing

After blocking-in and modeling the structures of the ship and ocean, I began work on the detailing phase of this painting. The detail phase is the longest part of painting a subject like this. I worked from the bow of the ship to the stern. Starting from the bow, I begin to detail the upper parts of the hull as well as the wake around the ship. Later, I modify the wake area. I then start working on detailing the hull, turrets, deck and bridge as well as the battery director a

USS BAILEY (DD-492) - PART 2 - Modelling Phase

Before moving back to the ship, I blocked in the basic foreground water. Next, I began defining ver basic structures of the foreground water. In addition to the foreground, I move to the background water, defining its structures as well,the waves, reducing in size the further they are from the viewer. Next, I start darkening the foreground to indicate depth and to draw the viewer back to the ship. I also start applying a darker glaze to the foreground water. I also took time

USS BAILEY (DD-492) - PART 1 - Blocking-In

I started working on a color study of this subject which quickly turned into a full-on acrylic painting. Because I'm under a deadline for this piece, I decided to hop onto a different track and go ahead and start the process on the oil painting on canvas. The first thing I did was to create the warm tone to cover over the white of the primed canvas. I used burnt sienna to accomplish this, and let this dry overnight. Because I am using W&N Griffin Alkyd fast-drying oils, I did

A Color Study that may become it's own painting

I'm currently working on a color study for my work on USS Bailey (DD492) which is to be an oil painting on a 16" x 20" canvas. This color study is acrylic on 18" x 24" watercolor 140 lb. paper, just a bit larger than the final painting. In producing this study, I will most likely turn it into a full painting. It is, in essence, a good practice before the final painting in oils. I've already sketched my composition onto the paper. I've taped the paper to my drawing board whic