If you think you'd like to have me on "retainer" so-to-speak, we should talk. In other words, if you think your place of business would like to provide me with a somewhat regular stream of work, we can come up with a way for your price on a group of jobs to be reduced in appreciation for sending the additional work my way. Cheers!




First off, I'm a Christian. (Hopefully that's painfully obvious.) Years ago my wife worked in the music department of a Christian bookstore. She tells the story of a gentleman who came in to buy Easter Cantata music for his church choir. As she went about getting his order ready he said, "By the way, this is for a church. Do you do discounts for churches?"  ???  (Who else buys Easter Cantata music at a Christian bookstore?)  This little story just goes to show that we Christians love our discounts and we always press for more! All that to say this, I love the church, and I love to give discounts when I'm able to... but it is not always possible. Please do me the courtesy of not asking for a discount, remembering that, just like you, I have to make a living and take care of my family. Thanks for understanding. Trust me; I'll volunteer to give you discounts when I can.




Many times people, of good intention, will contact me and ask me to do work for them, without cost, or at reduced cost, because they believe that the exposure my work gets from being associated with them will be similar to me advertising my services.  While I appreciate the thought, that's just not how it works in my field. No one watches the evening news and thinks, "Wow, that is just an amazing lower third! I've got to call the news station and find out who did their motion graphics!" As a matter of fact, if I do my work well, most of the time the general viewer won't think of me for a second... but instead will be focused on the subject of my work. You're welcome to still bring up the idea with me, but I'm probably going to decline. Artists often joke with each other that you can end up dying from exposure.



Dale Jackson

Accomplished Fine Artist and Photographer who excels at turning ideas into reality. Dedicated and detail oriented with a focus on making your vision come to life.
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